REMBRANDT: Bust of an old Man with a Fur Cap and flowing Beard, nearly full Face - c. 1631



Etching and engraving ( ?), 62 x 53 mm. Bartsch 312, Biörklund et Barnard 31-7, New Hollstein 82, II/II.

Impression of the 2nd state (of 2) with the reworks by Rembrandt. Only two impressions of the 1st state are listed by E. Hinterding and J. Rutgers (New Hollstein, p. 126).

Beautiful impression on laid paper. The paper for this print is the same as the paper for our impression of Bald headed man in profile right (NH 62) with the same provenance (see description). The two binding holes that are visible in the top margin of both impressions seem to show that they were bound together at some point, perhaps shortly after they were printed. Part of a watermark is visible on our impression of Bald headed man in profile right, allowing us to date the two impressions to 1650 approximately; this matches the quality of this impression of Bust of an old Man with a Fur Cap: the copperplate was very lightly etched by Rembrandt, and has started to show signs of wear, but the details are still delicately printed at this point, whereas later impressions show stark contrasts between very worn areas and other areas that withstood wear better.

The print is in excellent overall condition. Slight undulation of the paper inside the platemark. Slight dirt marks in the margins. The margins are exceptionally wide (sheet: 150 x 102 mm).

E. Hinterding and J. Rutgers link this portrait to five drawings in charcoal and sanguine that Rembrandt made during the same period, representing an old man with similar features (Benesch 37 to 41).

The impressions of this print are very rare. The copperplate has been lost.