Reinier NOOMS, known as ZEEMAN: Nouvelles inventions de Combats Navaeles [New Inventions of Naval Battles] - ca. 1652-1654


Price: € 7000

Etching and drypoint. Title piece: 178 x 260 mm; plates: around 180 x 263 mm. Hollstein 1 to 8.

Very rare complete series of 7 plates, impressions of the 2nd state (of 3) before the reduction of the copperplate at the top; the title piece is an impression of the 3rd state (of 7) with Clement de Jonghe’s address.

Very fine impressions printed on laid paper with watermark (Foolscap with seven-pointed collar and an indistinct countermark).

Good margins (sheets: around 292 x 347 mm). A tiny repaired loss of paper in the upper right corner of the sheet of the title-page. Generally in good condition.

Naval battles were the favourite subject of Reinier Nooms, also known as Zeeman. Hollstein dates the publication of the series to the first Anglo-Dutch war (1652-1654). Indeed, pro-war propaganda texts can be seen on preparatory sketches for the title piece, which are kept in London. The first plate is thought to represent the encounter between the fleets of Dutch admiral Maarten Tromp and general Robert Blake in the Channel, on 29 May 1652.


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