REMBRANDT: The small Lion Hunt (with one Lion) - c. 1629



Etching, 158 x 118 mm. New Hollstein 29, only state. Bartsch 116, Biörklund and Barnard 29-3.

Impression of the only state, the plate soiled and with scratches from an imperfect polishing yet visible.

Very fine impression printed on laid paper with watermark (countermark ISI, identical to ISI-b_CFL-2379, listed in Rembrandt as an Etcher: The Practice of Production and Distribution (Erik Hinterding, 2006, p. 80 and 133): this countermark was noticed on an impression of the Beggar in a high cap, standing and leaning on a stick (NH 41, impression of the Frits Lugt’s collection), also etched by Rembrandt c. 1629).

2 to 3 mm margin all around the platemark. In excellent condition.

Rembrandt found inspiration in an etching by Tempesta, representing a hunting scene (Bartsch 1132), but he treated the topic with much freedom and energy. As in The small Lion Hunt (with two Lions) (NH 28) dating from the same period, the plate of this etching is soiled by scratches from an imperfect polishing. Rembrandt uses the same theme twelve years later in his Large Lion Hunt (NH 187).

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